Motorbike Accident Claims – Do I Have a Claim?

Riding a motorbike naturally makes you more vulnerable to other people’s mistakes. The number of drivers who fail to check their mirrors or take the time to look for bikes before pulling out is scary. A lot of drivers will try and argue that it is the choice of each individual to ride a motor bike or not. The reality is that a motorbike has as much right to be on the road as a car.

Motorbike accidents can take almost any form. However, the likelihood is that whatever type of accident it is, it is likely to involve some sort of personal injury. For motorbikes, small road defects or small amounts of oil on the road can result in massive injuries. If you have been involved in an accident then, if it was not entirely your fault, you may be entitled to make a motorbike accident claim.

For you to have a claim for compensation an accident must not be completely your fault. If someone else’s negligence partly caused your accident then it may be worth you pursuing a claim. The majority of motorbike accident claims are for accidents caused by either road defects or the negligence of car drivers. Councils are required to inspect roads at least once every 6 months. If this has not been done, or it has been done and nothing has been done about it then it is the council’s negligence which is partly to blame. Equally, a small mistake by a car driver can cause serious injuries to someone on a bike. However, in both cases it is not the motorbike rider who is to blame and is therefore entitled to seek compensation.

Though motorbike accidents are often very different from car accidents you should treat them in a similar way. The most important thing to do following a motor bike accident is to phone the police. Even if the accident does not seem worth reporting to the police you should still do it. Firstly, this allows the police to begin gathering information about the accident and shows that you have been proactive and open about the accident. Secondly, and equally as important, is that it will mean that your accident will show up in motorbike accident statistics. Nearly 80% of reportable motorbike and cycle accidents are not reported in the UK. This means that, on paper, the government see motorbikes and cycles as being safe and will not take steps to make the roads safer for riders. By reporting your accident you are helping to draw attention to the large number of motor bike accidents on UK roads.

For most motorbike accident claims it will help your case enormously if you have taken photos of the scene. If your motorbike accident claim involves a road defect then you must try and photograph this as soon as possible, before it is repaired. As well as a photo you must try and find a witness who would be willing to testify in your favour should your case go to court.


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